10th International AQL Conference

and Student Workshops

Advances in Quantitative Laryngology, Voice and Speech Research

AQL Proceedings

Download AQL Proceedings (press quality, 18.8MB)...

Download AQL Proceedings (portable quality, 6.6MB)...

Final Papers for AQL Proceedings

The authors of accepted abstracts are expected to submit a 2-page final paper, which is aimed at providing more details and specific findings. These papers will be printed in the AQL Proceedings, which will be provided in hard copy to the participants at the time of the conference, and will be available in electronic format on the AQL 2013 website. The final paper formatting allows for the inclusion of text, tables and figures. A Microsoft Word 97-2003 template (i.e. a “.doc” file) with special formatting and instructions can be downloaded from the link below. The deadline for submitting the final papers is April 19th, 2013.

AQL Template Download

The final papers will not be further edited by the AQL Scientific and Organizing Committee. They will be printed in the form provided by the authors. If the authors elect to have a 1-page paper or abstract published instead of a 2-page paper, this is allowed as long as the final version of that paper or abstract is submitted by the deadline using the AQL template. The final papers can not exceed two pages. The initially submitted 250-word abstracts have been only used for determining acceptance. They will NOT be published in their originally-submitted form. Final papers not received by the deadline will not be published in the proceedings, but the presentations will be included in the conference program based on the title and authorship of the accepted abstracts..

Final Papers Submission Form

AQL Supplement of the Journal of Voice

Arrangements have been made to publish a supplemental issue of the Journal of Voice. After the conference, selected presentations from AQL 2013 will be invited to be submitted as scientific papers. The submitted manuscripts will be published upon successful peer review. The selection for inviting scientific papers will be based on scores assigned by the AQL Scientific and Organizing Committee during the course of the conference. The invited manuscripts will be due approximately by the end of August 2013.

If you have questions please contact Mrs. Ann Hurley at support@aql2013.com.